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Coaching for Musicians

Why do you play better some days than others?

Why do you sometimes fail to show your full potential and ability on the audition or during a concert?

How can you develop the ability to be able to control your state of mind and be totally “switched on” when you have to perform?

You can realise and show your true potential whenever you have to, by learning how to control your emotions and inner negative dialogue – this is called mental strength or coaching.


We, at Clarinetistas del Futuro, take a holistic approach to music and help our students achieve their best, not only by improving their technique, but also by giving them the keys to succeed in all aspects of their future careers.


In the Mental Training events we invite Psychologists, Coaches, Neurologists, Doctors and anyone capable of helping you control your state of mind by learning how to control your stress and emotions to realise and show your true potential.

Our meetings are intended for people of any discipline, from musicians, artists, to professionals who are curious and interested in preparing your mind to help you perform at your best.

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Fermin Galduf

Coach for musician

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