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Fermin Galduf

Director of the Gabou Institute and Coach specialized in Musicians

Hi, I’m Fermin Galduf, I’m from a town in Valencia called Benaguasil. I have always been a person who was interested in the well-being of others. I know that each person is special and therefore a diamond in the rough. I am passionate about helping everyone find their diamond. My 25 years of professional career as a musician have helped me to know perfectly what the musician experiences from his training to his working life. I had to stop my career as a musician due to a damn disease, focal dystonia, but I discovered that when some doors close, others open, we just have to face the situation without losing hope.

Fermín began studying music at the age of 6. He completed his formal studies in music in the horn specialty at the Valencia Conservatory of Music. Extensive studies at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague (Holland) and at the Reina Sofia High School in Madrid.
He took a Master’s degree in musical analysis and interpretation at the University of Oviedo. He has been an interim professor at the Superior Conservatory of Córdoba and a soloist in the Córdoba Orchestra. He had an intense chamber music activity and collaborated with different orchestras. Due to a focal dystonia he was forced to leave the world of acting. He completed training in Coaching and later Master in Neurolinguistic Programming. Beginning to carry out individual and collective coaching, especially attending musicians and musical institutions such as professional and youth orchestras, conservatories and music schools.
He is currently director of the Gabou Institute of Music and Development, in addition to carrying out an intense activity as a coach.


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